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Tamco offers a wide range of reconditioning, custom tool design, and manufacturing services. We manufacture a wide range of proprietary and exclusive parts for our valued clients. If you have a unique requirement that requires custom design or manufacturing please call your Tamco customer service rep for more details and pricing information.

Custom Tool Design

Can't find the right tool to do the job? Have a custom application that requires a non-standard item? Call Tamco. We provide many custom made and manufactured tools for a variety of industries. Call your Tamco representative today and ask us about our custom design and manufactured tool services.

Factory Re-Dressing

Our factory redressing program is designed to maintain safety and productivity of tools by reconditioning them before excessive wear and subsequent damage occurs. Provided the working end of the tool is not severely worn, redressing can be accomplished by simply regrinding the cutting surface. Caution should be excercised since the excessive heat generated by regrinding tends to draw the temper from the tool and soften the point.

Factory Re-Shanking

As with our redressing program, Tamco offers the opportunity to have tools re-shanked. Once again, it is imperative that the tool be sent to us for re-shanking before excessive wear and/or spalling occurson the shank end.

Factory Re-Tipping

Carbide tipped tools may be re-tipped at Tamco's factory. A sound program of frequent maintenance should keep carbide tipped drill bits at peak performance. However, when tools are in need of new carbide inserts, please contact us.