Stone Tools

We carry a line of masonry and stone tools including shims and wedges, hand sets, hand chippers, hand tracers and hand points, available in either steel or carbide tipped models.

Stone Splitting Wedges and Shims

Hole Size Length Wedge Part Number Length Shim Part Number
3/8" 2-1/2" 45-01594 2" 45-01597
7/16" 2-5/8" 45-01566 2" 45-01597
1/2" 2-5/8" 45-01566 2-1/2" 45-00735
5/8" 2-3/4" 45-00727   45-00735
3/4" 4" 45-00731   45-00739
7/8" 5" 45-01570   45-01582
1" 6" 45-00740   45-00741
1-1/4" 8" 45-01568   45-01569
1-3/8" to 1-5/8" 12" 45-01571   45-01583
18" 45-01572   45-01584
24" 45-01573   45-01585
36" 45-01575   45-01587
48" 45-01577   45-01589
** All wedges and shims are sold by the individual piece **
Intended Use of Stone Splitting Wedges and Shims

Wedges and shims, or "plugs and feathers", as they are sometimes called, are used to free stone from it's surface, or to reduce it in size. Wedges and shims are available in three part sets (each piece sold individually), comprised of a forged steel splitting wedge that will be used to expand a matching pair of forged steel shims. The combined expansion of a number of wedges and shims placed into a series of drilled holes that causes the stone to split.

TAMCO'S forged steel wedges and shims are designed to fit drilled holes ranging from 3/8" to 1-3/8" in diameter. The lengths of the wedges and shims will vary according to the thickness of the stone to be split. Thicker and longer blocks of stone require longer wedges and shims to function properly than thinner blocks. Larger blocks also require larger hole diameters than smaller blocks.

To obtain the straightest split, a straight line should be scored onto the surface of the stone with either a hand or machine tracer. Properly spaced holes are then drilled into the stone with a carbide tipped drill along the scored line. A pair of shims is inserted into each drilled hole, with a wedge between them. A hammer is then used to drive each wedge tightly between the pair of shims.

The repeated striking of each wedge in sequence along the inscribed line, one after another, will develop splitting pressure. To obtain the straightest possible split, the stone should be allowed to absorb the pressure of the initial expansion for upwards of a minute before beginning to strike the wedges thus driving them deeper between their respective shims. After several striking sequences, the stone will begin to split along the inscribed line. Once splitting is complete, and the wedges and shims have been removed, the newly split sections can then be moved for further processing.

TAMCO'S wedges are heat treated so that each head will become moderately "upset" or mushroomed, by the repeated impact of the hammer. It is a good safety practice to grind off any moderate "upsetting" that may occur on the head of the wedge after prolonged use.TAMCO'S shims are made of steel selected to resist compression deformation created during the splitting process. As always, all safety equipment should be worn when using any tool.